about us

The concept of Brainistas came into our minds over a cup of coffee. We felt that living in the current time constraints and deluge of information, there was a need for someone to sift through all this and just give the bullet points of what was relevant. And through Brainistas that is exactly what we aim to bring. A shot of information, relevant to the topic being discussed in a small period of time. A seminar, workshop or demonstration that takes you through the basics and leaves the decision of further investigation to you. A springboard that leads to a lifetime of learning!!


Getting relevant information is just one of the basis of Brainistas. We also strive to bring in local expertise as much as possible. Speakers chosen from amongst our very own who understand our unique needs and situations. 

Also making sure that we do not compromise on the quality and authenticity of what we offer.

With the plethora of different media at our disposal, sometimes the presence of a person who can answer the Why, Who and Where of our unique situations can be the key in making important decisions.

get to know the brainistas

Roli Agrawal
brainy mama

Roli, a stay at home mom, who when not answering the question `why’, for the billionth time, is a self-confessed chocoholic, bathroom singer and a Jane of all trades. In her previous life, armed with a Masters in Communication, she worked as a TV Producer & Director for 10 years, with organizations like TWI and Times Now specializing in Sports Broadcasting. “It was like getting paid to watch sport. Best. Job. Ever.”  A year-long sabbatical, and almost a decade of marriage and kids later, she started looking at reinventing herself. Enter…Brainistas!!

jennifer behette
mind over mama

Jennifer Behette holds a Masters in Counseling and Personnel Services.  She traded in her “stress-free” professional life as a Guidance Counselor and Senior Marketing Consultant for a “stress- free” life of marriage and two children.  Seeing as she wasn’t busy enough taking care of her family and holding various leadership positions in several volunteer organizations, she and Roli decided to join forces and create Brainistas, an educational series of seminars that work within modern day life.

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